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May 28, 2019

Underrated Fashion Designers More People Need to Know More About

  Everyone knows the big names in fashion such as Chanel and Dior but today I wanted to share with you a few fashion labels that more people need to know about.  There are so many hidden gems in fashion... you just need to search deeper to find them.

Alice McCall
  Alice McCall was born in London and moved back to Australia to become a full time designer and leave behind her days as a stylist. I love how feminine and whimsical all of her designs are. Her designs include frills, pastels, and lace. She creates some of the most beautiful occasion dresses and outfits. Not to mention that her clothes are reasonably priced for being designer occasion wear.

Mihano Momosa
  Mihano Momosa is a Serbian clothing brand created by Mihailo Anušić. This label focuses on puffy silhouettes, large rosy and feathery details, and mono-colored looks. His designs consist of bridal wear as well as fancy occasion wear. He usually likes to only use one color whether it be bold or understated. His designs are incredibly original and distinctive. I really admire his feminine and over the top outlook on fashion. 

Georges Hobeika
 Georges Hobeika is a Lebanese fashion designer. They make haute couture as well as ready-to-wear clothing.  His designs consist of crystals, sequins, bright pops of color, and tulle. I can't even begin to describe his work. His designs truly are what haute couture dreams are made of. Every piece of clothing he creates I'm constantly in awe of. His designs speak for themselves!

Zuhair Murad
  Zuhair Murad is a Lebanese fashion designer that focuses on stunning crystallized looks. Almost every single one of his looks contain some sort of sparkle or glitz. The patterns in his designs are one-of-a-kind. I've never seen anything like them. Especially the way he uses sequins and crystals to make the different patterns. He makes the crystals the main attention compared to other designers that use them for accents. Can you get anymore glamorous?

Monique Ihuillier
  Monique Ihuillier is a Filipino-American designer. She focuses on bridal and ready-to-wear clothing. She usually uses some kind of feathers, tassels, and sequins. She likes to use embellishments on a more simple canvas. So it's just the right amount of intricate yet still is simple to an extent. I love how classy and timeless her designs are. Also if you've never seen one of her fashion shows you must look one up!

  I'm so happy to finally share this list with you.  I've had these in my notes on my phone for awhile now. There are so many amazing designers I didn't mention so let me know if you want another post like this one. What fashion designers do you think are underrated? I'd love to know!

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