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April 20, 2019

Spring Trends I've Been Loving

  Hello everyone. Today I wanted to share with you spring trends I've been seeing lately. All of these trends I mention I personally have been trying to incorporate into my wardrobe this season.

Hair clips & Middle parts
  I never thought we would be going back to the 90's to early 2000's hairstyles but here we are. I know I've said this in previous trend posts but fashion really comes full circle. If you hate a style now maybe you'll like it 15 years from now. You can completely change your perspective on style and fashion over time. I actually wore hair barrettes on each side of my middle part when I was younger. It was my go-to look. It makes me feel so nostalgic looking at these hairstyles as I'm sure most of you can also relate.

Red & Pink
  I'm going to be honest at first when I saw red and pink together I was a little unsure on how I felt about it. It reminded me of Valentine's Day because that's the only time I could ever remember seeing those two colors together. The more I've seen it the more it has grown on me. Red and pink are similar since red is one of the colors that makes pink so I see why it works. I think if you style the right pieces together it can look so beautiful.

Delicate straps/ Strapless tops
  Thin straps have been everywhere, especially this spring. I love how dainty and delicate they are. They're a lovely alternative to strapless tops that have also been popular lately. Sometimes with strapless tops they don't always stay up. You have to constantly pull them up but with thin straps they are hardly noticeable and they give you the support needed to keep your top from sliding down.

Tennis shoes with Dresses
  Wearing tennis shoes with a dress completely transforms the look from formal to casual. Often I like wearing a dress but I don't always want to look fancy. Pairing tennis shoes with a dress gives off that effortless yet put together vibe that everyone strives for. I don't know why but they balance each other out perfectly. In my opinion it would be best to pair tennis shoes with more of an everyday, simple dress instead of one you would wear to a special occasion.

Solid Colored Shoes
  Going along with shoes, solid colored ones are very popular this season. They are very versatile because they go with a lot of different looks. I've been wearing plain white and pastel colored shoes lately. They also go fabulously with dresses as I mentioned above as well as more casual clothing.

Soft Contour
  I've lately been skipping contour all together. Don't get me wrong I love contour as much as the next girl but I feel like it's an unnecessary step in my routine. I used to be obsessed with contour because I'm very pale not only did it add structure but it added color to my face. I think blush and highlight have filled the void of using contour for me. Some days I do contour but I use a very light hand. I've noticed people aren't as heavily contoured as they used to be. It's easy to go overboard and if you use too much it can make you look borderline dirty.

  What trends are you currently wearing this spring? Let me know in the comments down below!


  1. Red and pink always looks so good on other people, but I have a hard time pulling it off. I would love to see how you style it!


    1. You can pull it off! I recommend adding hints of the colors instead of a full blown outfit. :)

  2. Red and pink is something I want to try too. Another one is strapless tops, but I still can't find a good strapless bra that will hold my bazookas to my chin. Lol!!

  3. I'm loving the whole clip trend right now, they look so feminine and pretty xx

  4. I am such a fan of the tennis shoes with dresses!

    Danielle xx

    1. Yes! Thanks for reading Danielle. :)

  5. I love the hairclip trend too! They're so pretty, especially the pearl ones. I've also been liking thin straps, so so dainty. I agree with what you said about trends, they're very dynamic aren't they? Another trend I've been loving is satin skirts/dresses, they just always look so luxe :)

    Coco Bella Blog

    1. I couldn't agree more! Thanks for reading! :)