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March 23, 2019

My Spring Wishlist for 2019

  It's that time of year again that I always get so excited for... springtime! Aka the best time of year if your a fashion lover like moi.  Everything blossoms and becomes so much more vibrant and I'm not just talking about the flowers but the fashion. Today I wanted to share with you a few items that I have my eye on this season (not that I need anymore things!).

1. Vacation Alive Mini Dress- Verge Girl. I can't get this dress off of my mind! I mentioned it in my latest post. It's the most perfect spring dress in my eyes!
2. Mini Double Heart Tag Pendant- Tiffany & Co. This necklace is such a classic. It's something you can wear everyday with any outfit. I live for simple everyday necklaces like this one.
3. Pink Clay Mask- Alya Skin. I stumbled upon this product and thought it looked so intriguing... but then again it could be because it's pink! I feel like everyone needs to use a face mask every now and then. It really refreshes the skin.
4. Lilac Floral Heels- Betsey Johnson. I'm obsessed with the color of these heels. Light purple is definitely going to be my go-to color this season! I also love the pearls on the flowers.
5. Blush Flounced Skirt- H&M. Do I need to even explain this skirt? It's so feminine and elegant. Pure bliss!
6. Lavender Jelly Eyeshadow- Colourpop. Jelly eyeshadows are such a unique concept. I have yet to try them and I need to give them a go.
7. Solarino Handbag- Aldo. Red and pink are a combination that go so well together. I love the way they look against each other. The tassel also adds a sense of whimsicality!
8. Hoola Quicke Contour Stick- Benefit. As you all know I love cream products. Everyone raves about the original Hoola so I figured I would try it in the cream contour version which sounds amazing.
9. Red Striped Shorts- Garage. I love the pattern on these shorts. The color and stripes remind me of something you'd wear in Italy! They also have a matching top that would look so adorable with these.

  Let me know in the comments below what you have on your wishlist this season! Happy spring shopping!


  1. Those shorts are sooo cute!