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February 23, 2019

My Handbag Essentials

  Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share with you my handbag essentials that I carry around with me on an everyday basis. I rarely if ever go anywhere without these items in my handbag. I would consider myself quite a minimalist when it comes to going out and about with only the things I truly need.

Lipstick/ Lip balm
  I constantly am reapplying my lipstick throughout the day so I always carry around the product I'm wearing. Most days I like to opt for a tinted lip balm but when I go out I like wearing a lipstick with more of an opaque color. My current favorite lipstick is the one I featured in my latest post which is the Too Faced Melted Latex in the shade Peekaboo.

Compact mirror
  Along with my lip product I like to have a smaller mirror to make sure I can see if I need any touch ups. They're very handy. They're also great to make sure your mascara isn't smudged or to check to see if anything is on your face after you eat. Ultimately you may never know when you need one!

Sparkly bobby pins
 Why carry around normal bobby pins when there's bedazzled ones? Sometimes throughout the day I feel like my hair looks dull and I need a little pick me up. These are lifesavers. I can't tell you how many times these have come in handy! My favorite pins are these Kitsch ones.

Hand sanitizer
  You don't realize all the things you touch while you're out and then you touch your face, hair, and clothes. Hand sanitizer kills the germs you never knew you had. An added bonus if it's the Bath & Body Works pocket hand sanitizers that smell amazing and have micro glitters in them. Everyone's going to be asking you for some!

Travel size perfume
  I'm a fragrance fanatic so I always need to have a scent with me to reapply. I like to make sure I smell fresh and pleasantly scented. There's nothing worse than a person who doesn't smell good... other than someone with bad breath!

  Please let me know in the comment section below what your everyday handbag essentials are. I'd love to know! :)


  1. These are all great essentials to have.

    Candice |

  2. you bag looks so adorable. i need to have hand sanitizer wherever i go.

  3. I really love the Too Faced lipsticks, and glosses. I have a couple of the latex shades xx ❤️

  4. Such good necessities! I like to have snacks, and useful bits like tissues and plasters :)

    Anoushka |

    1. Yes those are always useful to have. Thanks for reading Anoushka! :)

  5. I cannot be without lip balm or hand sanitiser!

    Danielle xx

  6. Awww I love lipbamls so much. Can't live without it. Keep up girl

    Dessy | | Fashion blog

    1. Me too! Thanks for reading Dessy! :)