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December 29, 2018

A Recap of My Favorite Posts in 2018

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  2018 has been an amazing year and I hope you all thought so as well! I'm especially super proud of my blog. I have now had my blog for a little over a year. It has honestly made such a impact on my life. I absolutely love writing posts, editing/ taking photos, and interacting with my readers like you in the comments. I get to share and express my love for fashion on this blog with you and it has been so wonderful.
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  Today I wanted to share my top five favorite posts this year. You may even spot a few of your favorites if your a frequent reader of my blog! If you want to view a post mentioned all you have to do is click on the title. 

  This one of my favorite posts of all time. Dior is one of the dreamiest designers. I love how elegant and sophisticated their designs are. I own this gorgeous vintage Dior bag. It is the ultimate luxurious vintage handbag! Vintage pieces like this one are treasures because of how old/ rare they are now. I love how this post turned out. The photos in my opinion are so pretty and pink!

Girly Room Decor Ideas
  This is another post where I'm obsessed with the photos. Decorating it's one of my favorite hobbies. I love playing interior decorator for a few hours. I feel like there are some great decorating tips in this post. I get so much inspiration from decorating posts like this one, there very useful.  

    The Too Faced White Chocolate Chip is my favorite eyeshadow palette of all time. I love everything about it from the adorable packaging to the fabulous shades. I've raved about this palette so much throughout this year in various posts. It truly is the perfect eyeshadow palette for the overly glamorous and feminine gals out there like myself!

  I'm a huge fan of hauls because I enjoy seeing what people choose to spend their money on. They make me want to buy whatever it may be too and spend my money on more things I don't need! Seasonal hauls especially are fabulous because they get you prepared for the approaching season. This haul was one of my favorites this year. 

How to Decorate Your Vanity for Summertime 
  This whole post turned out better than I ever imagined it would. I feel like I thrive in the warmer seasons like Spring and Summer. I enjoy all the bright pastels and pops of color. Everything seems more lively and vibrant. I like to express myself through my bedroom specifically my vanity because I spend so much time in the morning and throughout the day at it. I remember I was so happy with how my vanity display looked because I put so much effort and time in it. 

  This is going to be my last post in 2018. I just want to take a moment to thank all of you. I've received so much support and encouragement throughout this year. It means so much especially since this was my first full year of posts. I've loved creating content for my blog. I had a drastic design change on my blog this year as you may know. I'm so thrilled on how it looks. I also changed my URL to So many changes happened this year and I couldn't be more grateful. I'm so excited for another amazing year in 2019. I hope you have a very happy New Year.


  1. Oh so many beuat posts babe :) Well done!

    x Lisa |

  2. OMG, I'm drooling over your CD vintage bag. Love your beautiful, girly pics. Hope you have a fabulous 2019, lovely!

    1. Thank you so much, I hope you do as well!

  3. SO many lovely posts - love the chocolate chip palette too! HNY to you x

    1. Thank you! I hope you had a happy New Year as well!

  4. Nothing inspires me in more to better my own content than seeing awesome content from other bloggers. x