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December 2, 2018

A Christmas Wishlist

  Hello and Happy December! Today I wanted to share with you the start of my Christmas posts! I'm so so excited for the holidays this year! They truly are the best time of the year! Everything is just so cheerful and happy! Hopefully this wishlist gives you some ideas. All of these items would make lovely gifts!

1. Bubblegum Lip Scrub- Lush. I think lip care is so important. Nothing feels better than having nourished and buttery smooth lips... and not to mention it's bubblegum flavored!
2. Dream Mist Pillow Spray- Awake. Pillow mists are so popular lately. I really have been wanting to try them and this one in particular sounds so lovely! I really enjoy falling asleep to a soothing scent. 
3. Hampton's Weekender Contour Palette- Tarte. I love convenient palettes that have everything you need in them. This palette has a beautiful highlighter, blush, and contour.
4. Ignited Eyeshadow Palette- Nars. This new palette is gorgeous! I adore the pink and plummy shades. The shimmer shades look like pure heaven!
5. Miss Dior Perfume- Dior. Miss Dior is the epitome of classy and elegant perfume! It is a must to any perfume lover's perfume collection. The bottle alone is stunning! I can just imagine this displaying on a vanity. 
6. Blush Pom pom Beanie- Nordstrom. These beanies have also been really popular this Winter. I think they're absolutely adorable with the pom pom on the top. I need one!
7. Hooded Furry Jacket- Garage. This jacket has been sold out for awhile but I just thought it was so unique. I love how it's color block. The fur looks so warm and cozy.
8. Kitsch Velvet Blush Scrunchies- Ulta. I have been obsessed with scrunchies lately. I feel like everyone needs one. They're so so cute! They just give your hairstyle that extra something! 

  That was my first Christmas wishlist of the year. Don't you worry there will be more coming! I hope this gave you some inspiration on what you would like for Christmas or for some gift ideas. What are you most excited for this Christmas season? 


  1. I had the Christmas lip scrub from Lush (Santa's hat, I think it's called). It's cinnamon-y and absolutely lovely!

  2. the nars palette looks unreal. it would make the perfect gift.

  3. So many amazing goodies babe!

    x Lisa |

    1. Thanks for reading Lisa! You’re always so kind 💋

  4. This Nars palette is absolutely stunning! xx

  5. That furry jacket looks so cosy! Definite need

  6. Lovely XMAS wishlist & the pillow mist looks amazing!

    Hayley (