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February 24, 2018

How to Find Your Style

  Everyone has a preferred style.  Meaning there are things that we see in the shops and pass by and things that we pick up and immediately purchase.  Today I'm going to be sharing some of my tips and tricks to help you find your style.

 Tip #1.  Find Colors That Suit You 
 As you can tell from my blog and Instagram. I love pastel colors.  They're very feminine and elegant.  But wearing what you like isn't always necessarily what color suits you.  Luckily for me lighter colors suit me as well as bolder colors.  When taking into consideration what colors best suit you, it helps you pick out outfits that flatter you the best. It depends on your hair color and skin undertone. There isn't just one certain type of color or shade that you have to stick to.  You have so many colors and tones that you can pull of.  If wearing a certain color gives you lots of compliments than that color is a plus in your wardrobe.  Take a look at this color wheel to see what colors compliment each other.

 Tip #2.  Make Sure You Feel Confident in What You Wear  
 This doesn't mean don't take fashion risks every now and then.  Believe it or not fashion plays a big part in your attitude.  If you think you look good you act with confidence.  Realistically everyone likes a person with confidence.  They look put together and assertive.  Confidence brings out a more positive and social attitude.  Find what silhouettes are most flattering on you and make you feel good.

 Tip #3.  Accessorize 
 As discussed in my previous post How to Accessorize, accessorizes can give a simple outfit that "Je ne sais quoi."  Check out my post for more in depth tips on accessorizing.  You want your accessorizes to enhance your outfit but not blend in so much they're unnoticeable.  If simple is your style, simple accessorizes can go a long way in enhancing your wardrobe.  On the other hand if your style is extravagant make sure your accessorizes don't overwhelm your look.

 Tip #4.  Take Care of Your Hair 
  There are many hair products that keep your hair healthy and looking its best.  Once again if you want to try out a new hairstyle do it prior to an event and leave yourself extra time so your not frazzled the day of.  Never underestimate the appeal of clean and great smelling hair.  Nobody likes or wants to look at a greasy mess.  Also showing up with wet hair isn't stylish.  It makes people around you think you don't care about how you look.  Nobody wants that!!

 Tip #5.  Enhance Your Natural Beauty  
 The goal of makeup is to enhance your best features.  Makeup can make you look amazing and also give you confidence.  Events may not be the time to start experimenting with your makeup.  Stick to makeup looks you know you like and look great in.  Experimenting with your look can really help you find out what you like and dislike but do it when you have time and no special event to attend.   You don't want to look back at the photos and say, "What was I thinking?"

  Whether you like simple or extravagant, colorful or monochromatic, classic or cutting edge there's a style for everyone.  Experiment on what best works for you and makes you feel the most confident and fabulous!  Please share an experience in the comments below of a time you felt stylish and confident! 


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