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February 17, 2018

Girly Room Decor Ideas

  Hello all! 

  I hope everyone is doing well. Today I've decided to share with you some amazing room decor ideas! I love all of these ideas so much and thought it would be perfect for those who need to spice up their room or apartment a little!

 Decorative Shelves 
   First find a wooden shelf and paint it one solid color. Next, you're going to need a few different colors of paint for the flowers. Then start painting the base color of the flower (let them dry) and use different shades to give the flowers more dimension and make them more realistic. This gives any boring wooden shelf a complete makeover! I put some of my teacups to decorate further! Looks so Victorian and elegant!

 Designer Polaroid Clothesline 
  We've all seen the trendy Polaroid clothesline in pictures but here's a way to make it more feminine! I got thin brown twine and held it up with rhinestone pins. To cover the twine I used this delicate light pink lace. To keep that covering the twine I got these adorable mini pastel colored clothespins to hold the lace and pictures. Instead of putting Polaroids up I got the perfume sampling cards you can get at department stores that sell luxury perfumes. It's so classy and looks amazing hanging up!!

 Display Stationary & Books 
   Stationary and books can be really pretty. I know they say "Don't judge a book by its cover!" but let's be real..... we all totally do! I love these fashion decorative ones! The purpose of them is to be displayed! The spine of them are stunning and I love all the embellishments! Notebooks can also be really nice, these even have my initial on them so how could you resist?

 Decals & Wall Decor 
  I've been looking for months for an Eiffel Tower wall decal to stick on the wall until I found this one! There were a lot of really big black and white ones online but I wanted to find a more feminine and pretty version! I also recommend putting some artwork on your walls to fill up some of the empty space. Even if you're not into painting there some really amazing ones that will suit your preference! I painted this peony one on a canvas!

 Fabrics & Table-runners 
  For my vanity and drawers I like putting a pretty fabric over the top like a tablecloth. It looks very pretty and stylish! I bought this fabric and sewed it to the length and width I wanted! These both look beautiful in my bedroom. So simple and easy yet effective!

I hope I gave y'all some helpful ideas! I'll see you next weekend for another post! :)

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