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January 6, 2018

Physicians Formula Extreme Shimmer Strip Palette

 Hello everyone and welcome to my first post of 2018! Today I'm going to be reviewing and sharing my thoughts on the Physician Formula Extreme Shimmer Strip Palette! I absolutely love this palette! Not only is it stunning it's also super affordable! This palette comes in a variety of different colors the one I have is in Nude it also comes in Smoky, Glam Nude, Bronze Nude, and Gold Nude. Out of all the palettes this one is my personal favorite. It has the prettiest cohesive shades.Y'all know that anything that is pink or rose gold I'm obsessed with! This palette is no exception! The formula of these shadows are fabulous! It's extremely pigmented and glittery! They're very long lasting and really comfortable to wear on the lid! They're considered "liquid powder" because of the creamy texture. The shades in the one I have has an opalescent white, a rose gold, a peachy pink, a light sand color, a dark gray, and a muted black. They all are shimmery and no mattes are included. When applying sometimes there is fallout. 

  Now on to the packaging. I really like how the outside is covered in pink glitter! All of the palettes have sparkly packaging but are different colors depending on the shades in the palette which I think is a really nice concept. It's a very light weight palette which makes people believe that it isn't well made because it doesn't have the heavy packaging more expensive products do but don't let that mislead you the product is very good. I also like how it has a magnetic closing. The one drawback for me is how no mirror is included. I really like having mirrors in my eye products. There is a little sparkly pink applicator but I recommend using your brushes. 

  I want wish everyone a Happy New Year. I spent my New Year's at the Biltmore Estate. Here's a look at this beautiful chateau! 

   Thanks for reading! Hoping 2018 will be amazing for everyone! I'm so excited for the posts to come! Make sure to subscribe! :)

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