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January 27, 2018

Bath & Body Works Haul

  Hello everyone! I recently went to Bath & Body Works and I wanted to show y'all what I got! The first product that I got is the Warm Vanilla Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist. This smells amazing. It's the sweetest scent I've ever smelled. It makes me crave cupcakes and pastries. I don't know how this isn't edible!

The next thing I got is the Love & Sunshine Body Lotion. I think they may have changed the packaging because on the website it's different. I don't like the new packaging as much as the original like I have here. The scent is really flowery and has hints of fruit. It's sweet without being too overpowering.

   I got another fragrance mist and this one is Endless Weekend. I like getting travel size mists sometimes because you can put it in your bag if it's larger and sometimes I even use them as room sprays because they are very long lasting and make everything smell amazing. This scent is very unique. It very citrusy and tangy but has a hint of vanilla.

  This scent is one of my all time favorites! I got another body lotion in the scent Paris Amour. This is a retired scent which means you can't buy it in store anymore only online. It is smells like French tulips and a pop of pink champagne! The most divine smell! If your going to buy any scent I would completely recommend this one! 

  This next fragrance mist is called French Lavender & Honey. You can spritz this til your heart's content because it's very subtle and not overpowering. It's perfect if you want to smell good but not have a ton of perfume on.

  And lastly, I got another fragrance mist! This is the Hello Beautiful Diamond Shimmer Mist. It claims to have real diamond dust infused. It is so shimmery and I love how it looks in the light. The packaging is also so gorgeous! This smells like a garden filled with flowers. I also have the body lotion and shower gel. I love this scent!

  Those are all the products I got at Bath & Body Works! I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you next week! Make sure to subscribe! :)

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