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November 11, 2017

I Don't Sweat I Sparkle, or at Least My Sweatpants Do

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    Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog! This week I've found these gorgeous Betsey Johnson sweatpants that I knew I just had to share. These are the most adorable and feminine sweatpants I've ever seen. They are a part of the Betsey Johnson Performance line. I LOVE Betsey Johnson as a designer. Her work is so whimsical, flirty, and fun. Not only are her designs beautiful they are really great quality. If you take a look at her designs you will understand that obsession is an understatement! These sweatpants are just so glamorous. I can't gush that to you enough. The material is velour which feels/looks so nice and luxurious on.

       It has the loveliest little detail on the left pocket that gives these pants that wow factor. It has two "patches" one of red puckered lips and a white heart that says "LOVE!" in black. These also have the prettiest little drawstrings. The caps at the end are rose gold and have Betsey Johnson engraved in them (see pictures below). They look so chic tied in a nice little bow with the rose gold end caps dangling. There isn't only rose gold there. On the bottom band where the pants come in are sparkly rose gold too! The band has two thick white stripes and in the center is where all the sparkle is. It's so unique and special, there is absolutely nothing like them. I also have pictured one of my Betsey Johnson handbags. I'm thinking of doing a post dedicated to some of my favorite Betsey handbags and will go in further detail in that post. That's all for this week and I'll see you with another post next Saturday. :)

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