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November 18, 2017

How to Accessorize

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    As Winter is approaching us we still need to look as fabulous as ever! In the warmer seasons of the year I tend to focus on my outfits more than actual accessories, but in Winter I feel like it helps make my outfits go from drab to fab! Accessories make a complete difference in an outfit. It makes outfits look like thought and effort went into them. So I'm going to be doing a guide sharing my top 5 tips on how to accessorize! 

Tip #1. Don't Go Too Overboard!
Just because you have a simple outfit doesn't always mean adding more is better. One of the best tips I have to say is more isn't always better. Sometimes it may even ruin an outfit. For instance if you had just a classic black dress add delicate jewelry to go for more of a classier, elegant look oppose to a crazy colored statement necklace. Sometimes it's better to be simpler in your outfits, you don't always have to be super colorful and accessorized.

Tip #2. Never Clash Accessories With Your Outfit!
It's always a good idea to wear complementary colors. You may have gotten away with it in the warmer months but it is especially important in Winter! If you're wearing a nice blue and white outfit don't add an orange handbag, that isn't complementary. If you don't know what colors clash, take a look at the color wheel. The opposite color of another color is how you determine it! Some shades just don't go well together for example red and green or blue and orange. Don't get me wrong sometimes these colors do go together it all depends on the shade and style.

Tip #3. Wear Different Textures
This is also another way to make an outfit look like it had a lot of effort put into it. Adding texture gives that 3 Dimensional look. Like it came straight off the runway! Things like feathers and faux fur are perfect to add texture to your looks! Anything with feathers or faux fur scream my name! Just look at this handbag! Isn't it gorgeous? It's so feminine and dainty!  

Tip #4.  Add Color
Adding color makes the biggest difference in an outfit! I love seeing a neutral toned outfit with fun, colorful jewelry! It makes it so much more stylish and interesting. Anyone can wear a white blouse and black pants. When you add accessories that's when you stand out from a million other people in the same outfit! Just look at Carolina Herrera's designs

Tip #5.  Don't Forget About Shoes
Shoes honestly dress up or down an outfit. If you ever worry about being too dressed up or too casual just take a look at your shoes they say it all. Heels make everything so much more fancy and chic while flats make things more cozy and casual. Shoes can make a statement all by themselves even before walking into a room. If you aren't a huge jewelry fan (unlike Moi!) than your problem is solved! Everyone has to wear shoes and it isn't something you may forget to put on like jewelry. Shoes can be the center of attention in your outfit if it is a little dull. You can apply tip #4 to your shoes! BAM! You got yourself a look! Take a look at these! Also take a look at these stunning shoes. They're a dupe of the Jimmy Choo shoes

I hope you enjoyed this week's post! Next week may or may not be the start of the Holiday posts! ;) Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you next Saturday for another post!

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